YOU have a vocation. It comes automatically with being baptised.

The word ‘Vocation’ means calling, and at Baptism you are called to live a life which is close to God, whose Spirit is given to you.

This life is your life here and now. No matter what you are doing you have to live out your Baptism, this is your right as a Christian, your task until you die.

Some people feel drawn towards marriage, getting close to God with the help of a family. They feel they could be happy doing an ordinary job.

Others respond to the challenge of God’s call to be a priest. This could be your way to self-fulfilment: do you feel drawn towards serving God and his people in this way?

As with any serious decision in your life you will have to think about it. As it involves God you must pray, talk to him. You could also ask others what they think about the possibility.

Perhaps you are called to love God through serving him and other people in a special way – as a priest.

A Vocation can be sometimes sensed as a feeling that God wants you for a certain kind of life.

A parallel may be the feeling that two people have when they first start being attracted to each other as a preliminary to getting married. A feeling which is vague but positive.

But how do you know what your call is?

Try answering these questions: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  1. I like to go to Mass
  2. I want to do what Jesus wants
  3. I want to please my parents
  4. I want to help others
  5. I want to escape from home, school or a job
  6. I want to learn more about God
  7. I don’t like girls
  8. I want to share my life with others
  9. I want a secure life
  10. I want to tell others about God
If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the even number questions, you should carry on thinking about the priesthood if it is attractive to you.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the odd numbered questions then perhaps you should look at your reasons for wanting to become a priest a bit more closely; for they are not enough on their own.

If you feel you are called to our ideal of life in common, our spirituality and love for the Sacred Liturgy, and our apostolic work in parish ministry, and think you might like to enter the Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception you should have the following qualities:

  • Be baptized and confirmed men of good physical and emotional health, with a good moral character for a life of community, prayer and apostolic work.
  • A sincere desire to become holy.
  • The desire to enter the religious life to follow Christ through the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.
  • The desire to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) with all due solemnity, and a love for personal prayer.
  • The willingness to serve the Church in pastoral ministry

The usual age of starting is between 21-30. We are looking for normal people, not super-humans. You should have good health and a good education level. If you are a Catholic man who is unmarried and feels called to our ministry you can apply.

Those interested in our way of life are welcome to visit our community. For more information, please contact us.